I produced, edited, directed, did visual and graphic effects, filmed, and headed up our 360º video efforts.

I shot, stitched, edited, colored, and helped direct this 360º video.

I directed, shot, stitched, edited, and colored this 360º video for Cotopaxi

A short piece I helped shoot for Operation Smile in Guwahati, India.

I helped shoot this incredible obstacle course race in Wolverhampton, England.

I played the producer role on this project.

I helped shoot and do aerials for a company working in Ghana to revolutionize food all over the world.


I co-founded GiveBackFilms and produce content for the channel frequently. We work with major brands,

philanthropic individuals, and sometimes dig into our own pockets to make these videos happen. I handle

the video-making side of things here – everything from pre-production and story-research, to editing,

mastering, and delivery. Here are some of the incredible brands that we've collaborated with:

We're now over 580,000 subscribers strong, and have over 46 million organic views (seriously though, we

haven’t spent a dime on paid traffic,) and we couldn't be more excited about the channel's future.

Producer, creative director, camera operator, 

editor, colorist.

Camera operator, editor.

Producer, creative director, editor.


Producer, creative director, director of

photography, editor.


LAHWF was my first YouTube gig. It really opened my eyes to the world of online media, and I've been

obsessed with learning all I can about the industry ever since. Andrew Hales and I were able to create some

fun content that did extremely well. From just the videos I helped brainstorm and produce, we racked up over

55 million views.

Camera operator.

Co-producer, camera operator.

Camera operator.

Co-producer, camera operator.

101 million+ views, and counting.